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Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Mon, 19 May 1997 18:49:23 +0200 (MET DST)

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> 1. "vinaraa bhaarata veera kumaaraa" (burrakatha) - FILM: ? - PLAYBACK: ? 

Should be from: poola rangaDu (1962). I amn't 100% sure though. Its clearly 
a (China) war-propaganda song.

Playback - G & co

> 2. naajar et al from aggiraamuDu.

1954, alloori seetaaraamaraaju katha, Lyrics (& tune): Nazar
: S.M. Subbayya Naidu

> 5. prakaaSam pantulu jeevita charitra.
Some Vijaya Chandar Production from mid-80s!? Don't remember the film title 
> I am not sure about "puttaDi bommaa poorNamma" in "kanyaasulkam"

It is sung in burra katha style.

As Krishna wrote there are a couple of more from G:

> There is one burrakatha each in vichitrabandhaM and poolarangaDu both by
> G and SuSeela. Also, another by G in pettandaarlu.

> I guess it was kind of an attraction in some of the old movies to start
> and end the story as a burrakatha. At least I can think of 2 movies
> (gulEbakaavaLi and kAmbhOjaraaju kathalu) which are narrated as
> burrakathalu while the entire movie (actual story) is shown.

Even the film "vinaayakachaviti" (1957, M: G) comes under this category.