vinaraa bhaarata veerakumaaraa

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Tue, 20 May 1997 21:23:22 +0200 (MDT)

 Welcome to the list, Sreedhar! Also, I am glad to inform the (senior) list
members that Sri Raamanna gaaru is back on list.

> > 1. "vinaraa bhaarata veera kumaaraa" (burrakatha) - FILM: ? - PLAYBACK: ?
> >Film - Andhra Kesari?
> Sung by Ramakrishna/SPB. I am not sure. Music: Ramesh Naidu/Sathyam(?)
Seems there are two songs with very similar begining lines. I don't know how
the 1983 number goes like.

> > 1. "vinaraa bhaarata veera kumaaraa" (burrakatha) - FILM: ? - PLAYBACK: ? 
> >should be from: poola rangaDu (1962). I amn't 100% sure though. Its clearly 
> >a (China) war-propaganda song.
> Poola Rangadu was released in 1967.
Thats my mistake, while quoting the year. 

Yesterday in a personal mail Ramanna gaaru said that it could be a non-film
song. But I have my doubts.

jayam manadi (2) nava bhaarata rathasaarathi nehroo saarathyamlO & 
lElenDOy raaranDOy bhaarateeyulaaraa O veera yOdhulaaraa 
are two non-film, war propaganda songs released on 78rpm disk (and easily 
available even today on pre-rec. cassette).

If the above is a non-film number, and released on a disk _bhuvana vijayam_ 
book 'd have listed it, I think. And if its exclusively recorded for AIR
(like: paaDakE naa raaNi, vEdamlaa gOdaavari, etc.) why does AIR 'still'
play it? The copy I have is recorded from radio in 80s.

The source of this songs is unclear almost since a year and a half.
Rajasekhar (Velamuri) asked atleast twice on this list.

The above burrakatha is from some film under Saluri's MD, if I am not
mistaken. I went through the complete list of films released in
1961 & 62, but am unable to associate it with any. Any help?