Re: Hello!!!!!

Ratnakar Sonthi (
Tue, 20 May 1997 18:05:51 CDT

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> Hello Everybody,
> Is there a problem with the server at Because i got some mails(two 
> till now) which has no useful matter except some mail parameters and some 
> numbers. I got one more just now. And also, I got some duplicate mails 
> containing same matter. Can somebody clarify?  Thanks.

The problem is with the mail server at  It apparently cannot
deliver to the person at that address and it is replying back to the
ghantasa list which it should not be doing.  It should be replying to the
sender, i.e; owner-ghantasa.  Anyway, I unsubscribed the user at from the list.  The problem should go away after sometime.
Meanwhile, please bear with the error messages generated by