Article on Film Lyricist: malladi (in Telugu)

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Wed, 21 May 1997 09:25:01 +0200 (MDT)

Check the URL:   (aandhrabhoomi, 
21st May 1997 issue) TODAY; i.e. 21st May. [aandhrabhoomi web edition
is not archived!] for an article on late poet, story writer and film 
lyricist; malaadi raamakRshNa Saastry. One rarely gets to read something
on Malladi.

The article also does contain a rare photograph of my favourite film 
lyricist and the author of the present article (I would say) found the 
courage to list a considerable number of songs that are attributed to 
someother, better known, film lyricist. Well, the list is no way complete, 
but very few dared to say it loudly in the past 50 years.

Notable omissions; i.e. songs written by him but attributed to others, in
this article are:

O madanaa swaagatamOyi! chivuraakulivE baakulive (F: ratnamaala 1947,
M: Subburaman, Ghantasala and "rajani")

naDirEyi gaDichEnE cheliyaa raaDaaye naa saami (jaavaLi, F: jayasimha 1955,
M: TV Raju, S: P. Suseela) &

kalise nelaraaju kaluva chelini, kalise yuvaraaju anaarkalini (F: anaarkali
1955, M: P. Adi Narayana Rao, S: Ghantasala, Jikki)

I personally wish that the author also (atleast briefly) mentioned about his 
great works (apart from chiranjeevulu, jayabhEri and raajanandini):  

i. chivaraku migilEdi (1960, M: aSwatthaama) which has some all time hits
like: andaaniki andamu nEnE, kavi kOyila teeyani palukulalO, chenguna 
alameeda, sudhavOl suhaasini, etc.

ii. kalimi lEmulu (1962, M: aSwatthaama) Remember the song: kommala meeda
kOti gummacchu laaDindi tella tellani bulli yenDa  or chooDa chakkani 
chakkanayya Ora choopulE choochEvu ...

iii. rahasyam (1967): esp. his role in composing/writing: girijaa kalyaaNam &
the raagamaalika: lalita bhaava nilayaa ..

Why  do I post it here, on G-list? Reasons are many! But to put it briefly
Malladi brought lot of fame to G (and vice-versa). Two films: chiranjeevulu
and rahasyam, considered to be G's best works as composer were penned by

Well, plagiarism is not new to Telugu film songs. There were/are some revered
figures who used others works without acknowledging.