Re: Article on Film Lyricist: malladi (in Telugu)

kandadai (
Wed, 21 May 1997 14:14:14 -0500

Thanks SreenU for the info. Really interesting to know why/how all those
beautiful songs were falsely attributed to the other lyricists. Was it
on the insistence of those other lyricists or of the producers and
directors of the movies? Or was it simply the act of 'plagiarism'? 
BTW, are there any books/articles (sort of biography) by Shree mallAdi 
mentioning his works?

There is a brief article on S jAnaki at


Correction from my previous mail on hari/burra kathalu:

> Harikatha in pettandArlu is 'Sreelu chelangE bhArata bhoomini'(by G)
> and the burrakatha in pettandArlu is 'arere rAmakRshNula kannadESaM 

The harikatha is from shAvukAru, not pettandArlu. Sorry for the typo.