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My apologies for posting the following message which I infact received as
a personal mail. I wish I 'd reply him personally, but no address was 
mentioned, as you can see in the mail headers.

Also, the following query is not completely unrelated to the list. Perhaps
someone can help him. I guess that he went thru G-list archives and tried to
send a mail to me. Hope that he revisits the site, or some kind soul in USA
calls him at the given number and conveys him the message.

Perhaps, most of the members remember here that its exactly the same question
Sridhar (Basavaraju) asked 2.5 years ago and thats how this list was formed
:-). Those days the conclusion was that most probably no video recording of
a G's concert exist(s)ed, but only a live audio recording. Theres a (not so
well made) documentary film from early/mid-70s (have seen on 16mm screen)
which contained (very) small bits from one of his live performances.

Thanks and Regards,

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Hi ,
    I am Sriram Lakshman, a Tamil but an avid fan of Ghantasala as I
have listened to all his songs in Tamil and few in Telugu. I have always
wanted to see him in action and I therefore request you to get in touch
with me in case you know the whereabouts of a video recording of his
any of his live concerts.  I can be contacted at the following numbers

(510)-351-6081 ( Residence )
(510)-357-2222 (1802) (Office) (Only till 26th May)

Thanks & Best regards