mallaadi, plagaiarism, more recent cassette releases

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Thu, 22 May 1997 09:59:56 +0200 (MDT)

> beautiful songs were falsely attributed to the other lyricists. Was it
> on the insistence of those other lyricists or of the producers and
> directors of the movies? Or was it simply the act of 'plagiarism'? 

I think only Malladi and Samudrala-s can answer it precisely, but they are no
more. So, it remains an unanswered question. One thing is that Malladi never 
sought fame and lead a very simple life. He was so to say an "ajaata Satruvu".
Sometimes he handed over the assignments he got to others. Just to give one
e.g. thats how we could see SreeSree as cine-poet!
2ndly: though "chinna kODalu" (1952, M: aSwatthaama, no G#s numbers though!
AM Raja sang!) is officially his debut film, he was in the field much before.
Even some songs from: lalilaa majnu are his! I 'personally' believe that some
"shaavukaaru" numbers are also his (pl. pay close attention to the language,
Samudrala seldom - or never - wrote in such simple Telugu).

BTW, the article wrongly quotes "nanduni charitamu vinumaa" (from Jayabheri)
also  as Malladi's. Its certainly SreeSree.
> BTW, are there any books/articles (sort of biography) by Shree mallAdi 
> mentioning his works?

His stories (kathalu) 'd be easily available. VAK Rangarao, the unabashed,
die-hard fan of Malladi, who won't write an article or give a speech on
film/music without chanting (his Guru's) name, set up a trust on Malladi's
name. VAK's entire 38000+ records collection, innumerable books, Malladi's
writings etc. etc. 'd go to this trust, open to public.

I don't have any (biographical) articles on him except going through
occasional film articles with anecdotal stuff on him.


Now, here are some more recent cassettes with G's songs:

In the last one year three 2-cassette volumes came out commemorating NTR.
The entire lists of songs from 2 albums were listed here by me and KVN Gopal.
Sridhar (B) briefly mentioned about the 3rd, a compilation of poems/verses
from NTR's starrers. This one contains mostly 'popular' verses from:
tenaali raamakRshNa, ma. timmarusu, paa.vanavaasam, nartanaSaala,
see.raa.kalyaaNam, ja.vee. katha, babhruvaahana, bhoo.kailaas,
paan.mahaatmyam, sa. hariSchandra, Sree vEn. mahaatmyam, appu...pappukooDu,
Sree.kR.yuddham. SreekR.vijayam, jayasimha, chiranjeevulu, sa.hariSchandra