RE: Video of G.....

Chandrashekar, Muni (
Thu, 22 May 97 17:44:00 PDT

Hello everybody

I have been back on the list for a little while and have briefly read the 
archives on various subjects.
This latest topic on G Video is an interesting one.  As Sreenivas put it, I 
think we all concluded that there is no original video of G. I do not 
remember anybody voicing that they had seen a footage of G on a video. That 
means, he probably only makes a passing appeareance in films and other, with 
the exception of Venkateswara mahatyam in which he sings the song sesha 

I recently watched the begining of the movie Potti pleaderu, produced by the 
comedian Padmanabh, in which he actually introduces to the audience, the 
various artists who participated in the film. I was pleasantly surprised to 
see a somewhat young G who just acknowledges by saying Namaskaram with his 
two hands.

I am wondering what other occasions that other members can recall of having 
seen G in a scene in a movie or elsewhere; a moving clip of G. A list of 
such appearances is all we can put together of G. I hope people can put 
their thinking hats and respond.

Sreenivas wrote:
Theres a (not so
well made) documentary film from early/mid-70s (have seen on 16mm screen)
which contained (very) small bits from one of his live performances.

I wonder if you could shed a bit more light on this, such as was it a 
documentary on G or G was only a smal part of it.

Best wishes
M Chandrashekar