Re: Video of G.....

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Fri, 23 May 1997 10:39:53 +0200 (MDT)

Welcome back Chandrasekhar gaaru! Its great to see all the (ex) regulars
back on list. 

I can only request, for the umpteenth time, the 'silent members' of the list,
who are in majority, to contribute in some form.

> I recently watched the begining of the movie Potti pleaderu, produced by the 
> see a somewhat young G who just acknowledges by saying Namaskaram with his 
The above film came out in 1966. So G was in his mid-40s.

> I am wondering what other occasions that other members can recall of having 
> seen G in a scene in a movie or elsewhere; a moving clip of G. A list of 
> such appearances is all we can put together of G. I hope people can put 
I think we had this discussion some time back but couldn't comeup with all
many replies. Prior to his debut as play-back singer in 1945, he appeared as 
(socalled) 'extra' in 1944 release "seetaaraama jananam" (and also sang in 
chorus one or other song: aakaaSamlO mabbulaaraa ... is one song). Then he 
played a role, as young man, in Nagayya's "tyaagayya" (1946), who belittles 
the saint composer in a concert.

> I wonder if you could shed a bit more light on this, such as was it a 
> documentary on G or G was only a smal part of it.

Its a documentary on G. Well, his son wanted to come up with a 'fitting 
tribute', but its hitherto not realized. I saw it in late 1986 in Madras 
and one scene still lingers in my mind where his own composition 
"bahudoorapu baaTasaaree" is played in the background.

Prasad wrote:
> one of my favourite gOdAvari songs(another thread looming in here?!)
> "vEdam lA ghOshincE gOdAvari, amaradhAmam lA SobhillE rAjamahEndri"

Any more on Godavari? Theres one non-film (all India Radio recording) song
of aarudra (vEdamlaa gOdaavari pravahistundi chelee, vennela vale
kRshNavENi .....), sung by Ghantasala, which has a similar begining but not 
on river: Godavari.

I think there are a couple of songs on Krishna (one is old number by 
MS ramarao: SrekRshNaraayani Sita khaDga dhaarala ....... and the other from
1970s). Apparently theres one by G on tungabhadra, either from ma. timmarusu
or tenali ramakrishna.