Re: more old song compilations (this time on Krishna)

kandadai (
Fri, 23 May 1997 19:59:26 -0500


I do not want to ask the members to stop from posting any non-G related
stuff (at least the list is active in the recent times) but shall we
restrict ourselves, not deviating too much, to songs and movies related
to G and around his time.  

Prabhakar Vissavajjhala wrote:

> >11. Radha lola gopala , gana vilola yadubala, nanda kishora nava neetha
> >chora ( ?? )
> This starts as   'jaya  jaya  gOkula  bAla!
>                     muraLee  gAna  vilOlA! yadubAlA!
> This was sung by Sri  cittUr #V.# nAgayya for the film ' pAnDuranga  mahAtmyam'

Prabhakar gAru, this song (rAdhA lOla gOpAlA) is from 'Saarada' and the
lines mentioned by Sri Bhaskar are correct.

Bhaskar V. rayavaram wrote:

> The Songs on Lord Krishna ( for a while, I though Mr Parachuri is
> talking about Actor Krishna :-)

Though Sri Bhaskar mentioned this jokingly, I was thinking over some
time whether G had sung considerable songs for the actor Krishna. I can
think of only the movie 'gooDhachaari 116' (G sang first time for
Krishna) and alloori SRR (last time?). Can anyone list any other