G in Tamil (and songs on Krishna :))

Sreenivas Paruchuri (sreeni@ktpsp1.uni-paderborn.de)
Sat, 24 May 1997 11:07:55 +0200 (MDT)

>> Sri Bhaskar V. rayavaram wrote:

> The Songs on Lord Krishna ( for a while, I though Mr Parachuri is
> talking about Actor Krishna :-)
Sorry for the confusion. I should have made it clear.

As Krishna mentioned, it has never been the case/policy on/of this list 
to restrict discussions ONLY to the person Ghantasala and his life. We did
deviate on many occasions and talked about his contemporaries, what 'd 
have been the scene had he been alive (in 80s, 90s) etc. etc.

Regarding listing of songs on "Srikrishna", as Subba & Krishna said, 
it 'd be nice if we 'd restrict ourselves to the true devotional (infact 
I am searching for a better word! Do you call: tellavaaravacche teliyaka 
naa saami in "chiranjeevulu", a devotional song?) numbers rather than 
listing every number with the word "krishna" in it. btw, thanks 
Bhaskar gaaru for refering to a couple of old gems by Nagayya, 
Santakumari, Varalakshmi et al. Thanks also go to Sri Prabhakar, for 
providing complete credits.

------------------------changing topics---------------------------------
[The following is the personal mail received from, KVN Gopal, @IISc,
Bangalore, who feels that its not 'perfect' to post it :-) on a mailing 
list. But, I thought that it does contain some valuable information.]

    I have a few songs of Ghantasala from Tamil films (all remakes of
Telugu originals) Like Devadas, Maya Bazaar, Paatala Bhairavi, Pelli
Chesi Choodu, Mangalya Balam, Anarkali, Bhale Ramudu, Pellinaati
Pramanalu, Jayabheri, Velugu Needalu, Bratuku Teruvu (andame aanandam) ..
probably around 40-45 songs.
My impression is that from the style of singing and occasionally from 
the pronunciation you get a feeling that it is not a tamilian who is
singing the songs... a lot of it also is becoz the words have to be
choosen to match the original song and tune. Don't we get the same feeling
when we hear original tamil songs being dubbed into telugu (not in all
cases but many times). But when it comes to the 'bhavam' there is no 
diff whether telugu or tamil. A lot of these movies had A Maruthakasi
or Udumulai Narayana Kavi as the tamil lyricist and for a movie or two
even Sadasiva Brahmam (yes he was equally proficient in tamil and telugu)