Re: Duets of ghnaTasaala and jikki - a newly released CD

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Mon, 26 May 1997 08:21:39 +0200 (MDT)

>> Sri Panini wrote:

> 15. virisindi vinta haayi (baalanaagamma, samudraala Jr., T.V. raaju)

I always thought that the above song is from: gul-E-bakaavaLi katha.
Could someone please confirm/deny!

> non-telugu guy is helping in translating most of the titles and songs of
> telucu CD's. Can some one do something about this? 
 :-( A good question! Only a collective letter writing to EMI/HMV 'd help.

> > 5.  raavE raavE (vaarakanakaNam, aarudra, susarla)
> SreenU, we had discussed about this song some time ago and after hearing
> this song from the CD, I could confirm that this is the exact tamil
> version of the song from 'mandiri kumAri' (vaaraay vaaraay) which I
> heard long ago. If I remember right the tamil song was also by jikki
> (her debut?) with ??

That is correct! Its her debut song (1950) in Tamil which was a mega-hit.
The male singer was some Govindarajan (not Sirgazhai!). I should know his
name! Will provide details later....

btw, was it a typo or the title was mentioned as "vaarakanakaNam" and not as
"veera...." (1957).