Ghantasala - Hindi song and bhagavadgeeta

kandadai (
Fri, 30 May 1997 18:16:46 -0500

Sreenivas Paruchuri wrote:
> >> Sri Panini wrote:
> > 15. virisindi vinta haayi (baalanaagamma, samudraala Jr., T.V. raaju)
> I always thought that the above song is from: gul-E-bakaavaLi katha.
> Could someone please confirm/deny!

The song is very much from bAlanAgamma. 

BTW, some time ago someone asked if G sang any hindi songs. Recently I
came across one. It is from the movie 'nEnE mogANNi' (starring NTR). The
song was shot on NTR and geetAnjali (G, suSeela) and it starts as
"shOkillA pillA ninnE ninnE meccukunTundi".

All the lines by G in this song are in hindi. Those lines are:

           Tu hain meri sultana main hun tera mastana
           teri pyari nazaron ko main nazaron se he pehchana

A question on bhagavadgeeta:

Is there any movie in which G recited the original bhagavadgeeta SlOkAs?
Most of the 'bhArataM' movies I have seen, had only the 'telugized
Geeta' recited by G. Heard that the movie 'kurukshEtram' have slOkAs
from G's LP? Was the LP and the movie released at the same time?