RaviKumar Sista???

Vissamraju, Sriphani (sriphani@sp.lucent.com)
Mon, 02 Jun 97 11:15:00 PDT

Hello all...

It has been a while since I read these mails. I moved to a new city so it 
took a while
for me to have my email set up and all. Boy did I miss it!!

If all the G fans like me forgive me for using this mail for personal use, I 
would like to trace where Mr. Ravi kumar Sista is? This die hard fan of G 
had introduced me to this mailing group and was also my roommate. I am sure 
he reads this mail. This internet nerd (this word has a very positive 
connotation at the place of my work Lucent Tech), will be somewhere on the 
net surfing and having a 'ball' ( cricket )....

Goodluck to me