RE: Interview with ghantasala's wife

Chandrashekar, Muni (
Wed, 11 Jun 97 17:29:00 PDT

Hello everybody

This interview is brief and informative. The photo of G and his wife is a 
rare one that I had never seen before. It is interesting to read G's wife's 
views on G and also the fact that she has shown some interest in collating 
details of G's songs. Once again a claim has been made that G sang anywhere 
between 12 and 13 thousand songs; hard to comment on this when we found it 
difficult to rationalise the more common claim of 10 500.

I think it is worthwhile to include this interview in the G's home page if 
it can be done easily. I would imagine, at the current site it would get 
wiped over by updates and then it would be hard to get hold of a copy of it.

The other aspect is whether we can reply back to the editor of andhraboomi 
telling him/her of our group and its activities. On the basis of what G's 
wife has said in the interview, it would be pleased to hear of our 
existence. Following from this is, perhaps seek to establish G's wife help 
in collating a song list or for some other future activities of the group. 
All this however may have to be pursued with the cooperation of the editor 
of andhraboomi.

Do other members have any comments on this?


M Chandrashekar