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Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 08:58:43 +0200 (MDT)

> I hope the readers will pardon me for posting a request not related to G.
Just a small tip! Perhaps you may have more followups posting it on SCIT news

> Could someone please chronicle Dr. Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna's
> career in Telugu films as a singer?  I am seeking information such as a
> chronological listing of his songs, any film appearances (Bhakta Prahlada
> being one), and whether his talent as a composer has been used at
> anytime.  Alternately, if this information is already available, I would
> appreciate direction to the source.

As composer he didn't work for any pre-1980 (the period I am 'somewhat'
better informed of) Telugu films, I guess. Infact I can recall only; 
"hamsageete" the famous kannaDa (musical) film, for which he worked 
(as co-MD).

Regarding film appearances I also know only the above film from 1967/68.

To my knowledge (rather the first song I have heard of him) his first film
song is from: jayabhEri (1959). Followed by another number in naagayya's
"raamadaasu" (1964, a film started in mid/late 50s, and stretched over long
years). Then came "uyaala jampaala" (1965, singing: ETilOni keraTaalu ...).

In G. Ramineedu's "palnaaTi yuddham" (1966) he sang a good number of songs
and verses; for the role: baalachandruDu (quite an unusual selection! G sang
for brahmanaayuDu, PB played (and sang for) the role : naagamma). Also in
"karNa" (dubbed from Tamil) he has atleast 2 songs.

These are the post-70 songs I can recall right now. 


P.S. In which film did he sing: sthirataa nahi nahirE .....? Theres one in:
"guppeDu manasu" (?), one in "mEgha sandESam" etc. etc.