'swaramaadhuri' concerts in USA

V. Chowdary Jampala (cjampala@quark.dayton.net)
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 11:28:03 -0400 (EDT)

	On Friday the 13th, our local Telugu association hosted a
film songs concert by 'swaramaadhuri' group from India. The group is
headed by singer G. Anand and consists of five other singers: L.R. Eswari,
Renuka, Sarada Malladi, Madhusudan, and Nerella Suryaprakash. Suryaprakash
also plays the tabla. The musicians accompanying them include R. Prasad on
drums, P. Kumar on flute and T.S.S. Ayyapparaju on keyboard.

	Most of you are familiar with aanand, whose film hits include 'oka
vENuvu vinipincenu anuraaga geetika' and 'dikkulu chooDaku raamayyya', and
LR eeSwari, whose special brand of risque songs revelled an entire
generation. Anand sang a few of his hits and some older ghanTasaala hits. 
LR Eswari with a great stage presence entertained the audience belting out
many old favorites of the  crowd.  sooryaprakaash sang a few ghanTasaala
hits including 'bhalE manchi rOju'. The three youngsters rENuka, Saarada
and madhusoodan were very impressive. Renuka, who has apparently sung
for a few films, sang many of the old suSeela songs as well as several
modern songs and was much applauded. She has a very good voice and
impressive range. Madhusudan, who also has some film songs to his credit,
sung several old melodies and some new hits, and reminded me of SPB of
70s. Sarada, who sang for TV, also was impressive. The musicians,
especially the keyboard player and the flutist were great.

	The concert featured a combination of old and new Telugu film
songs with an occasional Hindi one thrown in.  The troup - in a much
appreciated generous gesture - let two of the local singers sing with
them. Our audience enjoyed the three and a half hour show and were kept
entertained for the entire period. The responsiveness of the crowd seemed
to have enregized the singers, who kept going and going until we had to
stop the concert because of time.

	This group, sponsored by TANA, is touring USA for the next six
weeks. They will also be performing on the night of July 4, at the 11th
North American Telugu Conference in Los Angeles (check out
http://www.tana.org for more details of the Conference). If you are
interested in Telugu film music, I recommend that you make an effort to
attend this concert. You will enjoy it.

	Regards		-- V. Chowdary Jampala