Re: rAga, tALa & SRti mAlikalu

Ratnakar Sonthi (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 15:08:35 CDT

rAmanna gAru has started a nice thread.  I think one good place to
start is to classify the songs in the list of "Songs based on
Classical Ragas".  I have cut and paste *some* of the rAgamAlikAs from
the list which I thought would pertain to ghanTasAla.  I have deleted
the description about the different rAgAs each of the following is
composed in.

yamunaa teeramuna...                    jayabhEri      
aakASaveedhilO haayigaa yegirEvu        malleeSwari
hAyi hAyi gA Amani sAge              	suvarNa sundari
oorEdi pErEdi O chandamAma           	rAjamakuTam 
jaya jaya mahAdEva SambhO               Sree kALahasteeSwara mahAtmyam
SyAmalA danDakam                 	mahAkavi kALidAsu
jaya jagadeeSa harE               	bhakta jayadEva
Emi Rama Katha Sabari Sabari            Bhakta Sabari
kRshNA mukundA murAri        		pAnDurangamahatmyam 
jayajaya jaya Sree vEnkaTESa     	non-Film     
.  <some rAgamAlikAs deleted>
kuntee vilApamu                         non-Film

oorEdi pErEdi, kRshNa mukundA murAri, I think are tAlamAlikAs other
than being rAgamAlikAs.  Unfortunately, my knowledge of tALam is very
rudimentary.  If there are any tAla knowledgeable members out there,
it would be nice if they could name the tAlas for the tALamAlikAs. 
SrI sUryam said that Siva Sankari is "one".  I suppose he meant it is
a tALamAlika.  It certainly is not a rAgamAlika since the entire song
is composed in darbAri kAnaDa.  I know that the tempo of the song
picks up towards the end but am not sure whether the tALam is
different.  So, I am not sure whether we can classify it as a

> rasika rAja taguvAramu kAmA ... anArkali

The above is from jayabhEri and I don't know whether it is a
rAgamAlika or not.  Whether it is a RM or not, could somebody please
tell what rAgam/rAgams is the song is composed in.  This is not there
in the "List of Songs" (or is it?). 

I have a comment regarding kuntee vilApamu also.  In the recording
that I have, the first part of the song till ee vishAdASruvula tODa is
in one SRti.  Speaking the language of keyboards it is in -2, i.e,
sa(shadjamam) is at B#.  The rest of the song is in the -1.  Now,
should be call this a SM.  Nope, I don't think so.  SRti changes of
the above type should be attributed to errors in recording rather than
a musicians design.  The SRti changes that probably occur through
design would be of the type madhyamanni shadjamam cEyaDam gAni,
pancamAnni shadjamam cEyaDam gAni.  I remember coming across SMs of
the above type but don't remember the exact song right now.  Maybe it
will come to me one of these days!