Re: Netters and SCITters meet at TANA.

Devaraju, Mohan (
Mon, 23 Jun 97 08:47:54 EST

     Though I will not be able to attend the meeting, I am highly 
     interested in the outcome of the meeting.
     Best of Luck.
     Mohan Devaraju

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Subject: Netters and SCITters meet at TANA.
Author: at smtplink
Date:    6/17/97 10:36 AM

 At the 10th TANA Conference, we had a meeting of SCITters that
afforded an opportunity for many of us to meet face to face for the first
time and exchange ideas. If there is enough interest, we can hold a
similar meeting of SCITters and other Telugu netters at the 11th North
American Telugu Conference during the July 4 weekend at Los Angeles
(please check for more details about the Conference). 

 If you are interested, please let me know via e-mail ASAP. If
there is enough interest, I will request for a meeting room at the
Conference and post the details in this forum. Please feel free to forward
this info to other Telugu netizens and Telugu sites on the net.

 Regards  -- V. Chowdary Jampala