Re: What goes into making of a song?

Bhaskar rayavaram (Bhaskar.rayavaram@MCI.Com)
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 09:39:39 -0600

Ram Vishnubhotla wrote:
> namastE!
>    As expected there are only two people commented (so far) about my article.
>    Krishna Kandadai sent me private mail and requested me to continue as it
>    might help him to know the basics of the music.
Ram Garu, this is really a nice article about the songs and the music
behind them.
Please don't think we are deaf to what you have been saying here, we
have been ( atleast me  and I am sure the fellow members ) enjoying your
postings to the hilt.
Pray, please continue to usher your insight into the music , to further
enlighten the members.
For most of us here, learning music ( atleast basics ) remains a dream,
which we hope to achieve ( like Ratnakar garu ) some time in the life..
Once again, intha manchi article ki dhanyavadamulatho..

< I am deleting the rest of the article >
> P.S:- I hope that my obsessive nature towards music did not cause any
> inconvenience to any.

Not at all.. :-)
Ayina who will get bored of music anyway, "Sisurveththi pasurveththi
veththi gana rasam panihi" annaru gada..
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