raaga, taaLa, SRti maalikalu & making of a song (from S. Parigi)

Sreenivas Paruchuri (sreeni@ktpsp1.uni-paderborn.de)
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 17:28:09 +0200 (MDT)

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Subj:   RE-RE: rAga, tALa & SRti mAlikalu

Mitrulandariki Namaskaaramu. 

I was surprised to see quite an interesting response for Sri Ram 
Visnhnubottla's posting on this list. His knowledge of the classical music 
needs to be appreciated. 

> Similarly if a song is sung in more than one SRti, it is called a SRti 
> mAlika. But SRti mAlikalu are vey rarely done. 

I can quickly remember a song sung by SPB in "........" composed by 
G.K.Venkatesh which goes like this "poolu gusa gusalAdEnani". I am sure it is 
a sriti malika.(RAm gAru , please correct me if I am wrong )
This song was refered by SPB in his ETV show pAdutA teeyagA.

> What is the purpose of rAgamAlikalu?
> The main purpose (I think) is to establish the relationship (mostly 
> romantic) for a longer period of time. Usually the rAgamAlikalu are twice 
> the length of a regular song. In the above song "hAyi hAyigA", the 
> director shows the romantic relationship for 4 seasons establishing the 
> fact that the hero and heroine were together for a long period. Similarly 
> the song "praLayapayOdhijalE" in bhakta jayadEva, the writer establishes 
> dasAvatArAs the same way.

Quite interesting. This in fact could be the reason why these days composers 
rarely tune a ragamalika, as everything is limited to Ooty,Kodaikanal !!

> P.P.S:- Somehow I feel that we can enjoy G's songs/composition better if we 
> pay some attention about the music.

Absolutely true.

Sri Ratnakar garu wrote:

> yamunaa teeramuna......jayabhEri .......
> ....jayajaya jaya Sree vEnkaTESa     	non-Film     

I  will add "rAgam tAnam pallavi" from K. Vishwanath's "SankarAbharanam" 
which starts in cArukEsi rAgam and goes into different ragas like 
cakravAkam,kAmbhOji,sAranga,kEdAr (Hindustani raga) and is joined again back 
to cArukEsi with pA,dA,ni (in the stanza). 

Sri Ramanna garu wrote:
Subj:   What goes into making of a song?

> rAvE rAgamayI ... jayabhEri 
> This song is composed in rAga abhEri (it is not a rAga mAlika) and set to 
> AditALam. In the caraNam
> sandhyalalO callaga sAgE callani gAlilO... 

This song is a unique composition in a raga.Usually in most of the songs 
all the stanzas are tuned similarly (though there are exceptions, I agree)
But in this song, stanza 3 "nida joosi" , stanza 2 " sanjelalo" and 
stanza 1 "chivurulu mesina chinnari koyila" are totally different.
In fact , this is irrelavent as regards rAga,tAla,sRti concept, but I wanted 
to highlight the uniqueness of our composer  Late Pendyala.

> P.S:- I hope that my obsessive nature towards music did not cause any 
> inconvenience to any.

I would like to quote "Music is Divine" , whenever or wherever we discuss 
music we are in touch with Divinity. I am sure our friends on the list 
share this view. Let us continue this discussion as long as we can.