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     1.  LPs came in 1974.
     2.  Krishna's KurukshEtram  came in 1977.
     3.  Another movie : KVS's Swarnakamalam.  End of the Movie.

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Subject: bhagavadgeeta (Forwarded on behalf of Sridhar Parigi)
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None of the recent messages,from Sridhar Parigi, submitted to 
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Krishna wrote:
> question on bhagavadgeeta:
> Is there any movie in which G recited the original bhagavadgeeta SlOkAs?
> Most of the 'bhArataM' movies I have seen, had only the 'telugized
> Geeta' recited by G. Heard that the movie 'kurukshEtram' have slOkAs
> from G's LP? Was the LP and the movie released at the same time?

Though I don't remember any movies which had Bhagavadgeeta slokas of G,
but there are movies which used them as background score.
For example, 
              "Challenge" (1984) Chiranjeevi's film had two slokas (shot on 
               Chiranjeevi )
               "Suthradharulu" (1989, K.Vishwanath's film) had 3 to 4 slokas
(shot on actor Sathyanarayana) from G's Bhagavadgeeta.
Parigi Sreedhar