Re: bhagavadgeeta (Forwarded on behalf of Sridhar Parigi)

Chandrashekar, Muni (
Thu, 03 Jul 97 17:53:00 PDT

Krishna wrote:
> question on bhagavadgeeta:
> Is there any movie in which G recited the original bhagavadgeeta SlOkAs?
> Most of the 'bhArataM' movies I have seen, had only the 'telugized
> Geeta' recited by G. Heard that the movie 'kurukshEtram' have slOkAs
> from G's LP? Was the LP and the movie released at the same time?

Yes it is true that few SlOkAs were used. These were just before the start 
of the war and the one SlOkA from G's bhagavadgeetha that I remember is the 
one just after Lord Krishna reveals his Viswaroopam.

M Chandrashekar