Changes in wordings in songs - Recorded and Movie version.

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	There are several songs in the 1975 to 1985 era where the
	recorded version of the song is different from the wordings
	from the movie version. 

	Basically because of objection from censors. Movies like 
	"Rajakota Rahasyam" had some songs. One of them...
	Sirimalle poovu meeda seetakoka chiluka....
	"Korikedo koka dati poyindi" - record version.
	"Korikedo kona dati poyindi" - Movie version.

	Later, AIR put an unwritten rule that only songs from films 
	censored can be broadcast on AIR. 

	People had to resort to Radio Srilanka to listen to these
	songs with so called "double meanings" ...
	Similarly, many dialogues are also censored. When the portion
	cannot be deleted, that portion of dialogue is dubbed or muted.

	Capt Madhu.


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GhanTaSAla abhimAna sangha sabhyalaku naa namaskarAlu

It has been quite some time since I posted an article in this mailing list.
I hope all the original members remember me. I hope I am not cutting
in bringing in a new topic. In this article I would like to discuss the songs
from the movie vIrAbhimanyu (1965) (starring NTR, kAntA rAvu Sobhan bAbu, 
kAnchana etc.) This movie has very good songs written by Arudra and 
music by penDhyAla. The songs and poems (with ghanTasAla taking part) 
in this movie are

1)  rambhA Urvasi taladanne ramaNi lalAme evarIme
2)  chUchi valachi chentaku pilachi nii sogasulu 
3)  adigo navalOkam velase manakOsam 
4)  challani sAmivi niivaite allana Agumu jabilli
5)  paritrAnaya sAdhunAm (padyam)
6)  nI sakhulan sahOdarulan ninnu nimEshambhulO (padyam)
7)  pAlakaDali vanTi pAnDavAgrajuDu (padyam)
8)  anumisha daityakimpurushulAdi evvaru vachchinan (padyam)
9)  yadhA yadhAhi dharmSyA (padyam)

I will focus on song #1 and #4 above. I have noticed something 
unique when I was listening to the songs while watching the 
movie. There is difference in the words that are in the song present in 
the movie and the song that is played by AIR. (probably from the record)

For example in song #1, a charanam in the song present in the movie
goes like this,
"tanivi tIra valachi hRudayam kanukIyani karamEla
paravasinchi paDuchuvAniki vadhuvu kAni sogasEla."

On the other hand, in the song played by AIR, the charanam is
"tanivi tIra vanita paruvamu taakajAlani karamEla
paravasinchi paDuchuvAniki bahumatIyyani sogasEla."

In the same way in song #4, in the movie song: the charanam goes like this, 
"mukkuna mukkera andam kaani muchchaTakadi pratibandham" and 
"gAjulu chetiki sompu praNayAniki avi saDalimpu." 

On the other hand, in the song played by AIR,
"mukkuna mukkera andam kanni mudduku adi pratibandham" and 
"gAjulu chetiki sompu bigikowgiliki avi saDalimpu."

There are many words that are changed in these songs, but the tune 
remains the same. I have nothing to say except to salute the
writer, music director and the singers. I think we need to count these
songs  twice for list of songs.
I have noticed songs that have an additional charanam in movie, for example
manasu parimalinchene in SrikrishNArjuna yuddham, hAyi hAyiga jAbilli toli
rEyi venDi in velugu nIDalu. But, this is the first time I noticed a 
difference like
this. Have anyone noticed anything like that in any other song, in any other 

More later,

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