Songs list -- Vol. 1

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Sat, 19 Jul 97 10:50:31 UT


I my last article I listed the songs of vIrAbhimanyu. As I am reading
the article I came across an idea. I would like your suggestions/
recommendations to continue. If I get good number of flames
I will stop. If I get, good support I will continue.

As many of the members of mailing list are aware one of the primary
goals of the group is to list (and eventually collect the lyrics) the songs
of ghantasala. Keeping this in mind, from this week I will list 25 songs.
As you are aware earlier last year, I posted a list of nearly 1050 songs
in one mail. But, getting feedback for such huge files is very difficult.
So, from onwards I will post songs from two or three films, totalling
25 songs every week. Any list member who has any other song from these
films or any other information about the songs like the writer, other singers
or any titbits (s)he heard about the song can followup. I will keep track of 
the number of songs. Please comment on this suggestion. The discussion
can lead to other discussions, while this collection/listing of songs
continue. I will post the article over the weekend.

Last week, I listed 9 songs from the movie vIrAbimanyu, but, as I said
there is difference in the content of two songs, so let us put the total
songs as 11. Thanks to R. Vishnubotla garu for correcting the music
director of the movie. The music director of vIrAbimanyu is K. V. 
P.S. When I say song it includes, pAtalu, padyAlu, slokAlu, strotrAlu,
kathalu etc. As an experiment, this week I will add 14 songs from other 
movies to the number.

Movie:ArAdhana (1962); .) Music: sAluri rAjEswararAvu; Banner: Jagapati 
 *ring ANR, Savitri, Jaggaiah, Relangi, Nagayya, Girija, Ramanareddi etc;

1. nA hRudayamulO nidurinchE cheli kalalOnE kavvinchE (gAnam: ghanTasAla) 
(rachana: Sri Sri)
2. OhohO mAvayya idEmayyA balE balE bAgA (gA: ghanTasAla, susIla)(ra: Arudra)
3. inglishulOna mArEji hindilO ardhamu shAdi E bhAshalO (gA: ghantasAla, 
jAnaki)(ra: ???)

In addition to the above three songs, there is another song that I heard in 
this movie.
Relangi plays a gramaphone record to mislead Ramanareddi to believe that he is 
girija to dance. This gramaphone record has a song which I do not know if it 
is recorded
for this movie or is a song from another movie. The song goes like this.

4. nIkorake nIkorake chEsEdantA nIkorake vEshAlanni nI  korake (gA: 
ghanTasAla, )
(any info (movie, if there is another singer, writer) on this song is very 
much appreciated)

Movie: gAli mEDalu (1961) Music: T. G. Lingappa, Banner: ???
*ring: NTR, SVR, Nagayya

5. ii mUgachUpEla bAva mATADagAnErava (gA: ghanTasAla, rEnuka) (ra: samudrAla 
6. mamatalu lEni manujalalOna evariki evarO (gA: ghanTasAla) (ra: samudrAla 

Movie: kODe NAgu (1973) Music: penDyAla nAgEswara rAvu, Banner: kowmudi 
*ring: Sobhan bAbu, 

7. nAgupAmu paga pannenDeDlu nAlo ragilE paga nUrEllu (gA: ghanTasAla) (ra: 
8. idE chandragiri sowryAniki (gA: ghanTasAla) (ra: ???)
9. sangamam sangamam anurAga sangamam Ananda (gA: ghanTasAla, susIla) (ra: 

Movie: jayasimha (1955), Music: T. V. rAju; Banner: ???
*ring: NTR, gummaDi

10. iinATi ii hAyi kalakAdoyi nijamOyi (gA: ghanTasAla, P. leela) (ra: ???)
11. jaya jaya SriirAma raghuvarA SubhakarA (gA: ghanTasAla)(ra: ???)
12. madilOni madhurabhAvam palikEnu mOhanarAgam (gA: ghanTasAla, R. 
bAlasaraswati) (ra: ???)
13. tandAnOy tandAna (ra: ghanTasAla, A. P. kOmala, bRndam) (ra: ???)
14. naruvalachina sodarI manaserigina harI (padyam) (ga: ghanTasAla) (ra: ???)

??? --> missing information. 

If I have support I will post 25 songs next week. BTW, a small request to 
everyone please
do not attach the entire mail in your replies. Also, please reply with the 
same subject if
you are providing a reply to this mail. Please change the subject line only if 
you are 
taking the discussion to a different topic. Keeping the same subject will help 
the mailings 
of this list to be sorted by thread look complete.

Hoping to see a lot of participation,