Re: Songs list -- Vol. 1

Devaraju, Mohan (
Mon, 21 Jul 97 08:54:23 EST


In addition to the above three songs, there is another song that I heard in 
this movie.
Relangi plays a gramophone record to mislead Ramanareddi to believe that he is 
girija to dance. This gramophone record has a song which I do not know if it 
is recorded
for this movie or is a song from another movie. The song goes like this.

4. nIkorake nIkorake chEsEdantA nIkorake vEshAlanni nI  korake (gA: 
ghanTasAla, )
(any info (movie, if there is another singer, writer) on this song is very 
much appreciated)

If I remember it right, the song is :
        prEma kOsami valalO padenE pApam pasivAdu- from pAthALabhiravi.
Mohan Devaraju