FW: Attn: R. Velamuri / RE:your message on saregama --- A reply from

Rajasekhar Velamuri (inside94@msn.com)
Tue, 22 Jul 97 03:16:30 UT


Nearly a month after sending an email through their website 
(www.saregama.com) HMV/RPG enterprises has responded 
with the attached response. Some good news, some one is 
listening. HMV/RPG will release an album in Nov. on the 
occasion of Ghantasala's 75th birthday on Dec. 4th '97 I only 
hope they include some good rare songs. This mail is just FYI. 
Honestly speaking, I questioned in my email why HMV treats 
telugu language as a step mother. I also mentioned how injustice 
has been done to ghanTasAla's bhagwadgeeta by cutting the 
music between various slokAs. (probably they did to fit a 80 
minute LP on a 71 minute CD, but that does not justify the edits.) 
I suggested for a re release the two CD's  with some great songs 
by G on Lord Krishna.



Sent:  Monday, July 14, 1997 2:39 PM
To:  Rajasekhar Velamuri
Subject:  Attn: R. Velamuri / RE:your message on saregama 

Thank you for your message and we will try to accomodate some of your
suggestions. RPG Music / HMV will be releasing a commemorative album in
November on the occassion of Ghantasal's bday.
We have also released last month a double album " Sundara Kandamu " by 
Rao and  it should be available at your local store now.
Also w.e.f end August the "saregama" site will be upgraded to a full online CD
store and you will be able to order from over 1500 CD's in the RPG/HMV
catalogue as well as the months new releases. Do provide us feedback after you
have visited the site then.
Thanking you for your custom & interest.