Re: Songs list -- Vol.1

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Thu, 24 Jul 97 01:19:19 UT


This mail is a wrap up of the discussion so far that took place with 
the above subject and also articles related to vIrAbhimanyu 
and the follow ups.

For the idea to post about 25 songs per week, there are so 
far NO flames, three supporting mails (Sridhar Basavaraju, 
M. Chandrasekhar, S. Panini) and a suggestion to visit the 
telugu vani site and see if the songs  listed  there would 
improve the songs list of ghantasala.

No more comments on vIrAbhimanyu.

Coming to the song aDagaka icchina manasE muddu, 
(brought up by Sri Bhaskar Rayavaram, and Sri Murty Rayaprolu)

This is the explanation that I could think of for the two 
versions in the audio cassettes.  There are no audio
cassettes when these movies are released, the original
audio cassettes were made from the LP, EP records
that were released (played by AIR). But, later on HMV
started releasing audio cassettes made from the sound
track of movies. 

As one can see, cassette #4 of (SFHV 848247)
from the ten pack (duets of ghantasala and suseela)
has the song identical to what is there in the movie. 
On the other hand the song played by AIR or the song 
from any of the audio tapes released by various pirate 
companies does not have, the AlApana and the 
moment of silence (when the artistes duck into
the bushes).

Thanks to Sri pANini gAru for the writer of the song
inglishulOna marEji.

Coming to the point raised by Sri DevarAju mOhan.
The songs played by rElangi in the movie ArAdhana,
include, prEma kOsamai valalO (from pAtalabhairavi)
and the song that I listed in my mail (nIkorake nIkorake 
chEsEdantA nIkorake vEshAlanni nI  korake (gA: 
ghanTasAla, )