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     X is Jogarao
     Surya gAru, the dream song you are referring is:
     yekkadOyE.priyA priyA nA priyA priyA
     If I remember right,it was song by PithApuram nAgEswara rao but not G.
     Y is my favorite actor Master KunDu, the lead participant in bAlala 
     kAryakramam bAlAnandam on AIR by Annayya nyAyapati rAghavarao
     Master KunDu acts as instrumental in settling the marriages of 
     G.Varalakshmi and NTR.
     Another song in the same movie, pOvammA balikAvammA.  Is this sung by 
     G or MS Ramarao ?

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Subject: RE: Songs list -- Vol. 2
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As far as I remember, X is Joga Rao (comedian) but not Madhavapeddi.  

Also, one song from the same film is missing the list.  I don't remember
the lyric but it was shot on Joga Rao and Savitri as a dream sequence.

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>> > Movie:- Pelli chEsi chuDu (1952)    Banner:-    vijayA productions
>> > limited
>> > Music:- ghanTaSAla
>> > *ring: NTR, G. varalaxmi, Savitri, SVR, baby girija??? Etc.
>> > 
>> > 22.  peLLichEsukuni yilluchUsukuni challagakAlam gaDapAloy (gA:
>> > (ra: pingali)
>The above song was picturised on NTR (playing haarmOnium), 'X' (playing
>tabalaa), a little boy 'Y' (enjoys as if he is the principal conductor)
>and G. varalakshmi.
>Some one told that X is maadhavapeddi!
>Any details of X and Y ?