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Today I somehow managed to go through the G-list archives and could read
the last 10 postings. Here are few quick comments.

Excepting for the film; the 1st production, "shaavukaaru" (1950), Vijaya
never used any lyricist other than pingaLi, until his death. In the
above mentioned
films some songs were attributed to samudraala Sr. (written by some
other person, also a well known lyricist) and some were really written
by him.

The song list of "bhakta jayadEva" is not complete! A few verses are
The lyrics databse has all of them. None of the ashTapadis used in the
film are complete. mEghairmEduramambaram .... is also by jayadEva, the
very 1st verse
in _geeta gOvindam_. BTW, this no. is sung twice, in different tunes, in
the film. Shall we count it twice! (Aside: there are quite a few such
examples! Recently I got hold of
"EdukonDala saamee ekkaDunnaavayyaa ....." where the tune is different
from the 'usually' played 78rpm/LP version.

The film "jayasimha" (1955) is NTR's own production (his 3rd) on NAT
(National Art Theatres) banner. It starred: Waheeda Rehman and anjali.
All the lyrics listed are by samudraala Sr (atleast one song in that, a
non G number, is written by Mallaadi, but attributed to Samudrala Sr.).
[On the pre-rec. cassette of the above film, you find an addl. stanza to
the song: madilOni madhura bhaavam ..... which is not there on 78rpm.]

Regarding the differences between the film and recorded versions, I
would like to followup at length if time permits. Examples are
innumerable! Just to give you 3 quick examples: the wonderful preludes
to: raavE naa prEmalata (peLLi sandaDi, 1959, G,RBS) and raavE naa
cheliyaa (manchi manasuku manchi rOjulu, 1958, G) are found no where on
records. Atleast one stanza is missing in the recorded version of:
nandaamayaa guruDa .. (pedda manushulu, 1954, G). The mega-hit song:
cheliyaa kanaraavaa (baalaraaju, 1948) was sung by Akkineni himself on
disk, but you hear G
in film.

Many of the songs in "bha. tukaaraam" are by C. Narayana Reddy. All the
lyrics are wRITten (by Sri Prabhakar) with complete p-stats. So, that
data can be easily filled in.

To Rajasekhar: You once listed the song: saahasamE jeevitapu baaTaraa,
satyamE nee lakshyamani chaaTaraa ....., asking for details. Now, I have
it. Its from: konDaveeTi donga (a dubbed film, 1958). Lyrics, with great
probability, by SriSri.