Re: Songs list -- Vol. 2

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Thu, 31 Jul 97 01:02:27 UT

This mail is a reply to all the mails (or related mails) that have 
been posted with the above subject, so far.

1.  Thanks Sridhar for providing the actors for bhakta jayadEva.
2.  Coming to the suggestion of Sri Suryam for a alphabetical listing. I 
posted a list of about 850 songs sometime in early '96. There, I have listed 
the songs in alphabetical order of movies. Please take a look at that list 
present in the archives. I am currently listing songs from 4 or 5 movies every 
week. I am spreading the movies across the years ghantasala has sung songs, 
the early years (1948-1955) the prime years (1956-1969) and late years 
(1970-1974), to get participation from individuals whose 
knowledge/interest/information varies.
3.  Srimati/Kumari Padma Indraganti's information about the authors of four 
songs and Sreenivas mail informing about other songs in bhaktajayadeva. I am 
wondering if any other writer has taken credit for the work of jayadeva, by 
changing few words here and there. (A recent example vETuri taking credit for 
some of the changed tyagaraja kritis in Sankaraabharanam). Thanks for the 
information. I think we need to list any song twice, if there is a change in 
the tune or words or if it looks like the song has been sung twice. Coming to 
Sridhar's  comment about, "yaramita vanamaalina." I believe the duet by G & S 
is in the movie and the solo is sung by G in the New York concert in 1969/70. 
This song is being listed twice once under the movie and another time under 
private songs.
4.  Sri S. paaNini and Sri Sreenivas mention that the lyrics of "pelli chesi 
chudu" are written by pingali nAgendra raavu. This is not correct. As per the 
titles of this movie songs are written by pingali and another writer Sri. 
UTukUri satyanArayaNa. I do not know who penned which songs. Coming to the 
dream sequence it is shot on Joga Rao, Savitri and  the child actors. Yes, the 
song is sung by Pithapuram. BTW, can some one tell me the actor who acts as 
baava for chitti (suryakaantam and doraiswamy's daughter). Also, does any one 
know who the female voice in the song, "bhayamenduke chitti bhayamenduke." The 
titles of this movie list only Ghantasala, liila and pithapuram as singers, 
making it difficult to determine who sang which song, and to figure out other 
female/male voice's.

	To increase participation I have decided to list the movies the songs of 
which  I will list in 		Vol. 3 over the coming weekend (Aug 2nd - 3rd '97)
a)  Tenali Ramakrishna(1956)   
b)  Satya harischandra (1965)
c)  Koduku kodalu
d)  nirdoshi (1951)      P.S:- There is another nirdoshi in late 60's. 

So, if you have tapes/videos/LP's/EP's  on these movies listen/watch them and 
lets put together the details next week.
Once again, a personal request please do not to attach the entire mail, when