RE: Songs list -- Vol. 2

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Wed, 30 Jul 1997 21:36:31 -0500


> to: raavE naa prEmalata (peLLi sandaDi, 1959, G,RBS) and raavE naa
> cheliyaa (manchi manasuku manchi rOjulu, 1958, G) are found no where on
> records. Atleast one stanza is missing in the recorded version of:

rAvE nA cheliyA shd be available on the record because I have heard and
recorded the song from Madras AIR back in 80's, which still I have with

> Many of the songs in "bha. tukaaraam" are by C. Narayana Reddy. All the
> lyrics are wRITten (by Sri Prabhakar) with complete p-stats. So, that
> data can be easily filled in.

Not many but some of the songs are by cinAre and many by veeToori, other
lyricists being dEvulapalli (ghanA ghana sundara), AtrEya and dASarathi.
All the verses (padyAlu) in the movie were by veeToori. 

Other numbers missing in the list:

  * chindulu vEyakurA Sreeranga neetulu
  * vanne tarugani vajrAlu (padyaM)
  * kESavA mAdhavA

> To Rajasekhar: You once listed the song: saahasamE jeevitapu baaTaraa,
> satyamE nee lakshyamani chaaTaraa ....., asking for details. Now, I have
> it. Its from: konDaveeTi donga (a dubbed film, 1958). Lyrics, with great
> probability, by SriSri.

The movie starred ranjan (hero), supported by anjali (heroine) and
reeTA. I remember the above song sequence was picturised on ranjan
riding the horse. This movie had a couple of other G songs too, if I am
correct. (SreenU, I had mentioned to you about this movie and the song
long ago. Did you forget?)

> song is sung by Pithapuram. BTW, can some one tell me the actor who acts as 
> baava for chitti (suryakaantam and doraiswamy's daughter). Also, does any one 

It was mahankALi venkayya.

> know who the female voice in the song, "bhayamenduke chitti bhayamenduke." The 
> titles of this movie list only Ghantasala, liila and pithapuram as singers, 

As Sree rAmannagAru mentioned, V J varma sings the song 'pOvammA' though
his name doesn't appear in the credits. I guess there shd be at least a
couple of more female singers not listed in the movie.

> titles of this movie songs are written by pingali and another writer Sri. 
> UTukUri satyanArayaNa. I do not know who penned which songs. Coming to the 

I might be wrong, but the two nATakaM songs could have been written by