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Thu, 31 Jul 1997 12:37:26 -0600

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To Krishna Kandadai:
1. I was not talking about the 'songs': 1. raavE prEma lata
and 2. raavE naa cheliyaa ...., but only the preludes: 1. manOjna
alaapana chEyu .... & 2. kOmala kavitaa taara ..... (infact I have the
song on disk. On the other side of the disk you find even more famous:
dharaNiki giri bhaaramaa ... by R. Balasaraswati)

2. What are the numbers written by aatrEya and daaaSarathi in "bha.

3. That "konDaveeTi donga" song info. was a personal message to
I did not have an audio copy till recently. Thats all.

Surprising that ooTukoori satyanaaraayaNa wrote lyrics in 50s too, and
too for a Vijaya's production. Thanks for the information!

VJ Verma is apparently a good flutist too! Does anyone know more about
this person? The earliest song I have of him is from 1946 (gRhapravESam,
LV Prasad, Bhanumati) and the latest from 1953 (naayillu, naagayya).

Some queries about bha.jayadEva: Has anyone seen the film? I have two
duets: PB Srinivas & P. Susila, AM Raja & P. Susila from it. On whom are
picturized? Then there is a wonderful number: hara hara hara ... (in
raag, in film: after singing this song he challenges the court to give
rebirth to the
plant  ... and jayadEva (G) comes up with: nee madhu muraLee ....). Who
is the

[Yes, yaaramitaa vanamaalinaa .. in the film is a duet. On EP (with 4
its a solo.]

Regarding Rajasekhar's query; Veturi claiming authorship for 'modified'
tyaagayya kRti-s ..... I can off-hand recall paalagummi's Telugu
'version' of:
priyE chaaruSeelE .... in "mEghasandESam".

The lyricist for: pOduvO priyatamaa ... is (officially) samudraala Sr.
wrote certainly some of the (11) songs. But we don't know exactly which
My strong guess is that the above no. is from mallaadi. Is this song
available in
the 'market'? BTW, can any one think of any other film where G and P
Bhanumati have "more than 2-3" duets? I can only think of this film and