bhakta jayadev

Sridhar Basavaraju (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 08:46:35 -0400 (EDT)

If anyone has seen the movie bhakta jayadeva, they will recall that when
ANR (jayadev), is walking from one city to the next, he is singing ya
ramita vanamali.  this version is in the exact same tune as the duet with
susila, but it is slightly shorter.  In fact, in the copy of the song that
i have (the solo), the song is abruptly cut off by an character who asks
jayadev to stop singing.  when i sent the origingal mesage, i forgoty all
about the concert version of the song.  i guess G must have rerally liked
the osng if he sung it so many times.  
also, i don't think jayadev's songs have ever been altered and taken
credit for like tyagaraja's.  primarily because they are written in
complex sanskrit and are subsequently, difficult to alter by people who
aren't scholars in the langue.		sridhar

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