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Mon, 4 Aug 1997 10:26:18 -0600

Posted for Sreenivas.



Some 'quick' comments' as usual :-))

All the "chaaTuvulu" from TRK are attributed to TRK.

There are atleast three verses by G are missing in the list; taruNa
ee kaantalu ee tanayalu, stutamatiyaina aandhrakavi dhoorjaTi.....

> Movie: nirdOshi Year: 1951 > Music: ghanTasAla
> Banner: ??? > *ring:

Its HM Reddy's film on his rOhiNi's banner, if I am not mistaken. Will
confirm it when I am again in Paderborn. Starring: G Varalakshmi,
Mukkamala (theres no big hero as such in this film!).

> 26.  singAri chekumuki ravvA EmanTunnadi rangEli mAva (gA: ghanTasAla) (ra:
> This song is also sung by G in the New York Concert (1969/70). I have a book
> which says that this song is from nirdOshi, but does not specify if it is
from old

Its from the later version. BTW the NY concert was from early 1971.

> In addition to the songs that I have listed for bhakta jayadEva, I got three
> more from the film server. (dayaganumA jagadiiSa, bhalirA puNyamaTTana nAdE,
> padmAvati charaNa charaNa. All written by samudrAla Sr. )

I listed them on TFS. The last one is NOT by Samudrala Sr. but from
Jayadeva's _geetagOvindam_.

> a movie. When a writer is using a singers name in his dialogues, I some how
> feel that by then G songs are popular. Sreenivas once mentioned that G might
> not have sung more than 30 or 40 songs before 1950. I some how cannot agree
> with this. G must have been popular by the time the dialogues of this movie
> are written. One or two songs cannot make him popular as he is popularizing
> "light music," not classical music, and that too in early 50's, when light
> music is still in its infancy in telugu language.

The no. of songs he sang for films betwenn his debut (1945) and 1950 has
nothing to do with his popularity. He was that way 'popular' by 1948
One of the reasons for the small no. is that the leading heros of that
could sing their own songs without play-back. That way he gave more
recordings for AIR, I think. I 'll elaborate on this some other time.
But its
the fact that his Film Songs in the first 6 years are not more than 40.
I once tried to list all the films made in Telugu between 1944 and 1950
and list songs sung by G in each film. That was 2 years ago. Since then
I came across only 2 more film numbers, which I informed on the list.
no. has not yet reached 35! Even VAK Rangarao writes, while reviewing
the L.P: Golden Voice of G, that his aim was to  get atleast 15 of his
first 30-40
songs (I can quote him verbatim, next time) and you see that he had to
up to 1950 for that. 2ndly "light music" is not in its infancy in early
50s. The
"bhaava kavulu" were much ahead. Saluri was the leader, introducing in
films. Balasaraswati and Surya Kumari cut innumerable disks.
Rajanikanta Rao was
there too! Also add Vinjamuri sisters names. Nanduri and Devulapalli,
themselves were very good singers singing their poetry in literary