Re[4]: Songs list -- Vol. 2

Devaraju, Mohan (
Mon, 04 Aug 97 09:13:22 EST

     Sreenivas gArU:
     I belive there are 2 or 3 duetes from gruhalakshmi (1972 ?) also.
     Only duet I can recall is:
     kannule neekoosam kaaci unnavi.
     There me some from antA manvALLE also

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Songs list -- Vol. 2
Author: at smtplink
Date:    8/2/97 7:13 AM

>> Devaraju, Mohan sagte:

> >  BTW, can any one think of any other film where G and P
> > Bhanumati have "more than 2-3" duets? I can only think of this film and
> > "malleeSwari".
> I know one song from chandeeraaNi:
> O TArakA O jAbilI...andAlu chinDedee chandamaama neevanee

Mohan gaaru: That is the only duet from chanDeeraaNi. I am looking for films
with more no. of G & Bhanumati duets.