Re: Let us appreciate and encourage

Devaraju, Mohan (
Mon, 04 Aug 97 09:13:30 EST

     Excellent Idea. I will implement it.
     If each reader lists one song per week, how many HITS would that be 
     per year ?

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Subject: Let us appreciate and encourage
Author: at smtplink
Date:    8/2/97 11:27 PM


 Sri Bhaskar Rayavaram has informed us of the inclusion of telugu film songs 
( on AIR web site. Let us encourage them by giving 
feedback ( Giving them a word of appreciation and 
encouragement might help us to get more telugu songs/ and or about 
telugu language at the web site. If everyone in this group sends them one 
we might cover decent number of countries across the globe.

There are a total of 27 songs from 23 films at this site. The song selection 
in my view is 
good. About 6 songs are from one record released in memory of Sri Devulapalli 

-rAja (August 2nd '97)

P.S: This is my personal opinion.