Ram Vishnubhotla (
Tue, 5 Aug 1997 12:22:28 -0400 (EDT)


   I want to congratulate Sri Velamuri Rajasekhar for bringing the list 
members participation to its heighest level in the recent past. 
Rajasekhar gAru please keep up the good work.

Inspite of Sri Rajasekhar's request, some list members are still 
including the complete (sometimes 7 K bytes) message in their response. 
Please think twice before you include the complete message. We are very 
fortunate to have this service for free of cost. LET US NOT ABUSE THE 
RESOUCES. Imagine how much disk space is required to archive all the 
messages with the complete messages attched to them. If a 4 K byte 
message is attached 4 times, you are putting a 16K burden to archive it. 
So, please please please use only the relevant portion of the message for 
replies. Imagine, the amount of money needed to maintain this group if we 
have to pay for it from our pockets. If you respect G's works and his 
contribution to the music lovers, please understand the resources needed 
to keep this group going.

Thank you for your support.