Re: Songs list -- Vol. 3

Rajasekhar Velamuri (
Thu, 7 Aug 97 00:50:05 UT


Thanks Bhimaraju Kalidindi gAru for the the music director of Koduku kOdalu.

Thanks Sreenivas for all the 'quick' comments/addtions on TRK and 
nirdOshi(1951). I am aware of the other four padyAlu from TRK. I have them in 
my notebook but while transfering to Word document, and to pothana font, the 
poems slipped from the list The four padyalu are 
1.  kalanan tAvaka khadga khanDita ripukshmAbharta mArtAnDa manDala
2.  ee kAntalu ee tanayulu ee kanchanarAsulella
3.  taruna SaSAnka SEkaramarAlamunaku
4.  stutamatiyaina yAndhrakavi dhUrjaTi palkulakElakaligenO

Thanks Ramanna gAru for your encouragement.

Coming to the query raised by Sreenivas 'hara hara hara'. Sreenivas if you are 
referring to 'hara hara hara jayakarA Sambho hara hara jayakara'. To the best 
of my knowledge this song is sung by Akula narasimhA rAvu. Another very good 
song by Akula is ' rAdhanu rammAnADu rAchakrIDaku mAdhava dEmuDu rAdhanu 
rammAnADu.' Akula also sang some padyAlu in Bhishma. The source of my 
knowledge is AIR announcements. Sreenivas: Let us discuss off line about the 
songs before 50 and light music.

Sridhar's mail informing about padyAlu in other films encouraged me to select 
a movie filled
with padyalu for Vol. 4 of the songs list. Only two songs are listed under 
this movie at the telugu film server and this movie is not listed in the 
ghanTasAla songs database yet. But, if I list all the padyAlu and songs from 
this movie I will be over the 25 songs per week limit and I am still missing 
at least 2-3 padyalu and probably a song. Guess which movie it is. (There 
might be many movies like this, but I want you to correctly guess the movie 
that I will be writing.) Please send the mail to me ( Please 
don't send it to the list. I will post the names of the winners along with the 
songs list over the weekend. (Aug. 9th -10th  '97).

When I started this songs list, I was hoping for discussions/comments in 
addition to filling up the blanks. Sri pAlAna gAru once wrote about the song, 
'eeSwara jagadeeSwara" (sung for ramaNA reDDi) detailing how G sang the song. 
Hoping for such articles, I was mentioning artistes for some of the songs. Let 
me start something on this line, listen to the song, 'vidhi vipareetam vidhi 
vidduram vidhi vilAsamana.' Compare the content of these songs, one is 
completely philosophical while the other caters to the comedy side and 
material interests of humans. Compare from the song, 'vidhi vipareetam vidhi 
vidduram vidhi vilAsamana', the charanam, "mAya prapanchame SAsvatamanukuni nA 
yillAlani nA kumArulani nAdi nAdiyani allAdinA ee SarIramipuDii vallakATilo 
kAlipOvuvELa' with a charanam in the other song, 'gAre burelu chakkirAlu 
Araginche nindu prANini kashTa kashTa' How can a man express these two bhAvAlu 
with so ease with just voice? I can probably never understand. Compare these 
two songs with the charanam in the song in , 'kulamulo yEmundirA,'(sung for 
rAjanAla) 'juTTu boTTu kaTTulanni pADe kaTTuto yegiripOvurA'. Each song/padyam 
in this movie is a class in itself, the way it is written, the way it is 
tuned, the way it is sung. Listen to the padyam, 'adigO bhanuprabhal 
chimmuchu' or 'tAli kaTTina taruNi kanThamu'. Who can say adigO the way G said 
in the padyam for the scene. As ANR and S. P. Balasubramanyam said (in 
different programs)(translated into English) "a singer has only voice and he 
has to express everything through his voice and ghanTasAla did that, whether 
it is a romantic song or a devotional song, a philosophical song or a comedy 
song, and while doing that ghanTasAla created a place in the hearts of telugus 
forever." Well, I think I wrote more than I intended. 

Once again, please do not attach the complete mail when replying to this 
message. With regards to everyone.