Re[2]: People's choice award for G's Songs/poems.

Devaraju, Mohan (
Mon, 11 Aug 97 14:50:52 EST

     vennela gArU:
     The song you are inquiring about is from movie inTiguTTu, sung for NTR 
     by AM Raja but not G. rAjan & nAgEnDra rendered thundering music in 
     that film. The film is a free adaptation of Hindi Film Muneemjee.
     I have on it video.  Too time consuming to collect lyrics.

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Subject: Re: People's choice award for G's Songs/poems.
Author: at smtplink
Date:    8/11/97 12:37 PM

Mohan Devaraju gaaru said:

> Members would be asked for their choice of Top 10 songs for each 
mood ( e.g.:
> love/devotional/humorous/pathos/patriotic etc..)

Talking about G humorous numbers, I was enquiring friends
about the film details of a G song (?) -

aaDuvaari maaTalu #rock and roll# paaTalu
aaDuvaari kOpaalu maapaina panneeTi jallulu

I request your help. If you have complete lyrics, please post them 
I am yet to give a rank to this song!