Re: People's choice award for G's Songs/poems.

kandadai (
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 17:21:24 -0500

Devaraju, Mohan wrote:
>      vennela gArU:
>      The song you are inquiring about is from movie inTiguTTu, sung for NTR
>      by AM Raja but not G. rAjan & nAgEnDra rendered thundering music in
>      that film. The film is a free adaptation of Hindi Film Muneemjee.
>      I have on it video.  Too time consuming to collect lyrics.

MD for this movie is 'M S prakAsh' and lyrics by 'mallAdi'. Anyhow,
mohangAru can you confirm from the video credits if G had sung any songs
in this movie? When I watched this  on video I couldn't find any (the
video was missing the titles), but the songs-book I have mentions the
name of G besides AMR.

> S.  varalakshmi, rushEndramaNi, nAgayya, hEmalata etc. Who is karnA, bhiima, 
> Sakhuni?

bheema was ArjA janArdhana rAvu and Sakuni was M lingamoorti. Don't know

> I do not know the lyricists of any song, and for padyAlu how the credits were 
> given/taken.

Lyrics by cinAre and samudrala. padyAlu by cheLLapiLLa vEnkaTa SAstri
and divAkarla tirupati SAstri (tirupati vEnkaTa kavulu).

> 1.  vandE vishNum sarvalOkaikanAdham (slOkam) (gA: ghanTasAla)

Are you sure this is the slOkaM? The audio in-lay cover mentions as

> 2.  jayahE kRshNavAtAra nandayaSoda (gA: ghanTasAla, pi. leela, ?????)

G, leela, swarNalata bRndaM