Re: Songs list -Good discussion
12 Aug 97 10:18 GMT+0500

mitrulaku namaskAramu !
I am keenly following this posting everyday with interest and joy. It gives 
immense pleasure to know that most people staying outside India are aware of so many 
things regd. G and other film personalities of the old Telugu film generation.
It is wonderful and lot informative too.
I would shortly participate in this songs postings debate (?)
Hats off to all who are enriching the discussion with their postings.

HMV is shortly planning to come out with 5 more volumes of G's songs which is 
in addition to the existing 10 pack Volume of G's solos. I have personally 
conveyed my opinions regarding HMV's attitude in titling and designing layouts 
of Telugu song cassettes and CD's. I am sure print mistakes and irrelevant 
song deletions would come down. 
I brought jikki's "jIvitamE saphalamu" cassette to HMV's notice, the cover 
design of which was printed as "jIvitamE saphalayi". In a personal mail to 
Sreenivas Paruchuri I mentioned this.
I have the list of HMV's latest releases in 1996-97 which merely shows the 
title of the cassette and release date. Will this list help our members to 
follow the contents of the cassette. If anybody is interested please let me 
know. I will post the list immediately. 

It is very difficult to rate G's songs as 1 and 2 , BUT STILL....I will try:
in Comedy songs "sundari nI vanTi" from mAyA bazAr;
in Tragedy songs "ammA ani aracinA " from pAnDuranga mahatyam, and "kala idanIi
nijamidanI " from dEvadAsu;
in classical based songs "sivasankarI" from jagadEkaveeruDu;
in devotional "mahESA pApavinASA " from sri kALahasti mahatyam;
These are my personal choices. This will not totally establish G's versatality
though, these songs defnitely will seep into the listeners heart and mind with 
relevant emotion.
Let me know the response.
Parigi Sreedhar
2-2-1137/1/a,New Nallakunta,Hyderabad-44;Ph:4657869