Tenali Ramakrishna - Verses

Srikanth Bandi (srik@lig.di.epfl.ch)
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 09:38:17 -0600

Posting for Sreenivas


I hope its not too late, to post the following queries, in ref. to Vol.3
(I hear
that Vol. 4 is posted by Rajasekhar).

The present version of the film;Tenali Ramakrishna, we see, seems
to be an abridged version and the 'original' was longer and contained
more verses. Apparently there is a verse on river; tungabhadra, by G
in it (some other people told me that the verse on "tungabhadra" is from
mahaamantri timmarusu). Has any one heard it?

Not very long ago, I got hold of another verse (a chaaTuvu, not
a ghanTasaala one though!): udayamabastagatambu, kEtuvu .......,
which I have never heard before. I was told that it came at the end
of the film. But in present version we only hear the repetition of:
narasimha kRshNaraayani ......

Now, my main question ....... do you believe that the verses were also
composed by Viswanaathan and Ramamurthy? Its difficult to believe
for me that those chaaTuvulu were so beautifully composed by two
non-native Telugus. One needs a good command on the Telugu
language to understand the meaning and to have a 'feeling' for them.
Could it be possible that some other person was involved in composing
music for verses!


P.S. BTW is the song: chEsEdi EmiTO chEsEyi sooTigaa ..., sung
         twice in the film?