Tenali Ramakrishna - Verses

Ram Vishnubhotla (vishnurx@frc.com)
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 09:03:27 -0400 (EDT)


> The present version of the film;Tenali Ramakrishna, we see, seems
> to be an abridged version and the 'original' was longer and contained
> more verses. Apparently there is a verse on river; tungabhadra, by G
> in it (some other people told me that the verse on "tungabhadra" is from
> mahaamantri timmarusu). Has any one heard it?
As Sri Srinivas Paruchuri said, the present TRK is an abridged version. I 
watched it for the first time in 1974 and it was a complete version. I 
wagely remember the song but can not recall the lyrics.

 > Not very long ago, I got hold of another verse (a chaaTuvu, not
> a ghanTasaala one though!): udayamabastagatambu, kEtuvu .......,
> which I have never heard before. I was told that it came at the end
> of the film. But in present version we only hear the repetition of:
> narasimha kRshNaraayani ......
Yes that is correct. I have this padyam with me somewhere.

> Now, my main question ....... do you believe that the verses were also
> composed by Viswanaathan and Ramamurthy? Its difficult to believe
> for me that those chaaTuvulu were so beautifully composed by two
> non-native Telugus. One needs a good command on the Telugu
> language to understand the meaning and to have a 'feeling' for them.
> Could it be possible that some other person was involved in composing
> music for verses!
My speculation: I observed the same with sudharSanam and gOvardhanam also. 
They also composed excellent verses in bhUkaIlas, kALahastiswara mahatyam, 
nagulacaviti etc. These not-native Telugu MDs should have good assistants. 
These MDs must have depended a lot on their assitants or on the lyricists 
who have written songs (not the traditional padyAlu) for the same movie. 
Again, in those days, they used to work as a team and may be it is the 
result of the team work.

> P.S. BTW is the song: chEsEdi EmiTO chEsEyi sooTigaa ..., sung
>          twice in the film?
It is not sung twice completely. TRK sings a bit (part) of the song 
before the king (not kRShnadEvarAya it is the Delihi sultAn) appears.