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Tue, 12 Aug 1997 14:08:18 -0500

>Posting for Sreenivas
>I hope its not too late, to post the following queries, in ref. to Vol.3
>(I hear that Vol. 4 is posted by Rajasekhar).
>The present version of the film;Tenali Ramakrishna, we see, seems
>to be an abridged version and the 'original' was longer and contained
>more verses. Apparently, there is a verse on river; tungabhadra, by G
>in it (some other people told me that the verse on "tungabhadra" is from
>mahaamantri timmarusu). Has any one heard it?
The following is the above mentioned poem (SArdUlamu) and  to the best of
my knowledge, it is not used in the picture TRK (based on what I saw during
1972-73). To the best of my knowledge, I didn't remember being used in
'mahAmantri  timmarusu' either.

gngA  sangama  micca  gincune,  madin  kAvEri  dEvirigA
nageekAra  monarcune?  yamunatO  sAngatyamun  jEyunE?
rangattunga  taranga  hastamulatO  ratnAkarEndrunDu  nee
yangam banTi  sukhincunEni,  guNabhadrA!  tungabhadrA  nadee!

However, there was another romantic poem involving the river 'ganges',
which was picturized on TRK (ANR) and was not rendered by 'G'. Though I am
not sure, very likely , it might be ANR himself, who rendered this poem.
(My guess is based on the tone). This was on the occasion, when he (TRK)
attracts the 'vESya' in the name of 'swarNa  yOga  vidya', when she
captivates the king (Sree kRshNa  dEvarAya). Though she is interested in
that 'vidya', she feels inconvenient with a 'yOgi' to be romantic and turns
her back. Then he (TRK) says inspite of turing her pretty face and lips
away from him, her beauty from the back is quite good enough, as there
can't be one bank of the river 'ganges' is good and the other bad.

I am sorry, I didn't remember the *whole poem correctly*.  I post it
tomorrow. But it goes thisway.

vara bimbAdharamul,  payOdharamul........  avvali  vaipuna  nuncinan
guru  bhAsva  jjaghanambu, ..........neela  vENee  bharambulun
......................mAkun  cAlunu,...........................gangaku   na
ddari  mEliddari  keeDunun  galade?!  yudyadrAja  bimbAnanA!

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Prabhakar Vissavajjhala