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This is a reply to the mails with the following subjects and the issues they 
dealt with:
1.  Re: Songs list - Vol. 4
2.  Re: People's choice award for G's Songs/poems.
3.  Re: Tenali Ramakrishna - Verses

1.  At the outset, I would like to thank Sri Ramanna Vishnubotla gAru for 
rescuing me from the fiasco I created by writing the last sentence of the 
slokAm instead of the first sentence, from the movie Sri KrishNAvataram. 
Thanks pANini gAru and KandadAi gAru for pointing the mistake.
2.  I personally cannot really rank a song sung by G. Coming to the songs from 
inTiguTTu, as vennela gAru pointed out, there is a song sung by G and Jikki. 
The song goes like this: ohO varAla rANi. ohO vayyAri rANi. velige rEyi 
vennela hAyi manadani tElenulE, mana katha mArenulE. ohO varAla rAja ohO 
vayyAri rAja valachinavAru piliche tiiru vErani telisenulE, premE gelichenulE.
3.  Re: Tenali Ramakrsihna - Verses

		I agree with Sri Prabhakar about the chATuvu on tungabhadra and on ganga, 
except for the issue that ANR sang the poem on gangA. The tone is very 
different, I don't think ANR sang the poem. Sreenivas wrote: "Not very long 
ago, I got hold of another verse (a chaaTuvu, not a ghanTasaala one though!): 
udayamabastagatambu, kEtuvu ......., which I have never heard before. I was 
told that it came at the end of the film. But in present version we only hear 
the repetition of: narasimha kRshNaraayani ...."

		Yes. There is this chATuvu. But, I am not sure if the chATuvu is indeed in 
the movie or was it present only in the record. But, certainly this is not 
sung by G. This chATuvu is played by AIR along with others in this order: a. A 
poem by one of the diggajAs (peddana??), (starting, ... "Yswarambulan galgi 
dhurbhara" and ends with rAjakanTirava.) TRK laughs, KDR questions and then 
TRK sings (b) kalanan tAvaka khadga by TRK, [c]. udayambu astanagambu hetuvu 
himavyUhambu chuTTi ends with "ramakrishnakavichandra sAndrakiirteeswara."

	Coming to the last query from Sreenivas: "Now, my main question ....... do 
you believe that the verses were also composed by Viswanaathan and Ramamurthy? 
Its difficult to believe
for me that those chaaTuvulu were so beautifully composed by two non-native 
Telugus. One needs a good command on the Telugu language to understand the 
meaning and to have a 'feeling' for them. Could it be possible that some other 
person was involved in composing
music for verses."

I agree with rAmanna gAru. At the same time I would like to mention that this 
movie is made in 1956. At that time almost everyone in chennai understood and 
knew telugu, and any one who is in music world knew and sang tyAgarAja kritis, 
which are in telugu.  Also, I heard that  the above duo are assistants to C. 
R. subburAman and completed the films undertaken by C. R. C. R.  not only is 
music director to many telugu films {C.R. and G worked together in some films} 
but also sang songs in telugu films. One song, that I can off hand remember 
from C. R. subburAman is a duet with R. balasaraswati dEvi and goes like this: 
"pApulalo kaDu pApini." Movie name is missing from my memory now.
Next Week's movies for Songs list - Vol. 5 (to be posted on Aug. 16th -17th 
bhiishma, kiiluguRRam (1948), sangeeta laxmi  & manchivADu (1973)


"aayana mAvADu mAvADu annAru telugu vALLu, aayana mAvADe mAvADe annayi 
saptaswarAlu. Aayana ghanTasAla. ajarAmaraNiiyamaina tana sangeetamuto 
yendarinO muripinchinavADAyana." -aTlUri venkatrAvu choudari(in an AIR