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Could log-on to my Paderborn a/c, briefly, after a long time and was
pleased to see the list active. Also noticed a considerable rise in the
list memebership.

[To those who sent pers. mails: Pl. bear with me. I will reply shortly.]

1. Please correct the sentence; "non-native Telugus ....." in my
posting as; "non-native composers ......."

2. Thanks kRshNaa (konDaka), for wRITing down the aa.bhoomi article.
I don't know how other members found it, but IMHO its very poor in
I wonder if the author really knew what he was talking about. I couldn't
establish a link between the title and the message. Only thing we learnt
is that G saw (and met!) "mahaatma". The author says that G wrote some
patriotic songs, but could not provide any examples. Infact he couldn't
quote any other lyrics of G except the well-known; bahudoorapu ........
(btw, paTraayani sangeetaraavu - asst. to G and later better known
his compositions for Vempati china Satyam's Kuchipudi Academy - writes
in a "vijayachitra" article that tise song was written when he saw a
procession ....)

3. Thanks Prabhaakar gaaru, for wRITing the verses: varabimbaadhara ...
(by vOlETi) and the verse: gangaa sangama ......

Rajasekhar, udayambastanagambu ...  (not udayambu astanagambu ....!
the metre: mattEbham, won't fit, you see :-)) well, you are right! On
record its
sung that way ......) was sung by Satyam.

4. Yes, MSV and R were assistants to CRS (one was asst. and the other
Piano player or Violinist) and completed the films; dEvadaasu and
chanDeeraaNi after CRS's untimely death at a very young age; he was
just 30+. CRS composed "all" the tunes for the earlier film and could
10 of the 11numbers. In case of "chanDeeraaNi" he did just 2-3 songs;
out of 8.

btw, CRS was a Telugu, whose grand parents migrated to Tamil country.
Infact  he worked for more Telugu films; starting with "chenchulakshmi"
(1943, Co-MDs: Saluri and Chinnayya). If I am not mistaken his Tamil
were less than 5 (one; peLLikooturu-1951 - recall the wonderful duet:
valapE ..... he sings with ML vasantakumaari - was also dubbed in to
out of the ~30 films he did. Also, he was a partner in "VinOda"
pictures, along
with DL naaraayaNa, vEdaantam raaghavayya and samudraala Sr..

5. Sridhar (Parigi) refers to the tape: jeevitamE saphalamu (a
of Jikki's solos). I 'd highly recommend to go for this tape as it
contains some
good gems, which aren't available easily otherwise, like those ones from
"raajanandini" and that wonderful no.: vinavOyi baaTasaari, kanavOyi
mundudaari ....... from "jayam manadE".

6. Suryam gaaru: thanks for listing all the songs from "Golden voice of
album. We already had a discussion on that album earlier. You may like
to check the archives.

Regards,	--Sreenivas