Re: People's choice award for G's Songs/poems.

Vennela S (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 09:33:58

Thanks Srikanth Bandi gaaru!

Aside: I am sure you all agree that #avannee abaddhaalu#.

My inquiring mind asks another query: Are there (m)any
G numbers of this kind? At this moment I could only recall
three non-G songs of that kind i.e. humorous #apanindalu/
neetulu/nindaa stutulu# on #aaDavaaLLu#.

avunanTE kaadanilE kaadanTE avunanilE (missamma)
telusukonavE yuvatee alaa naDuchukonavE (missamma)
aaDuvaari maaTalu #rock and roll# (inTi guTTu)

Yes! G's "lEchindi mahiLaa lOkam (gunDammakatha)" can be added
to the list.

-vennela, inviting humorous G discussions, S