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1. Some people were wondering why Rajasekhar's list
didn't include; manasulOni kOrika and hamsa vale naa paDava,
from "bheeshma" (1962). Isn't it often said that Rajasekhar
has been trying to list ONLY the songs of G, with complete P-Stats?

2. > Movie: bhiishma (19??)
> Banner: ?????
BAS Productions. Producer and Director B.A. Subbarao's
own banner, who also made a.o; chenchulakshmi, raaju-pEda.

> Lyrics by Arudra (as per titles)
some verses are from ma. bhaaratam

[Note: The year of release/censor-certification can be  found on
Telugu Film Server. For pre-1949 films, even banner and lead
cast 'd be found. In the last few months I couldn't enter any data
there. But I have hand-written notes  listing all post-1949 films
(till 1960 in chronological order), their banner, lead cast, P, D and
If some one is willing to enter the data, I would be glad to send you my
notes (apprly. 20pp) by snail mail. Please send a mail to
making a CC to: (Srikanth Bandi).]

> Movie: kiilugur"r"am (1948)
Is released on Jan 26th 1949, but got thru the censor in late 1948.
So, you find it in some lists under 1948 and in others under 1949.

> Music: ghanTasAla
An important milestone in G's career, I 'd note. Itsthe first film
see below!!) with G as full-fledged MD.

> Banner: ?????
SObhanaachala of meerjaapuram raajaa (a.k.a mEkaa rangayya).
An interesting banner, only producing mythologicals and folkloric
adventures. It was initially started (as jaya pictures, in 1938, later
renamed as Sobhanaachala. the well known singer/actress; C.Krishnaveni,
wife of MR, lead another (family) banner:on daughter's name;MRA: mEkaa
raajyalakshmi anooraadha. manadESam and lakshmamma were made
on this banner) in competition against challapalli raajaa's "saaradhi"
The so to say local fights between these two raaja-s which started with
Krishna district board politics, continued in various forms; through
papers (each owned a -leading- news paper of that day) and later through
films (one making films with "message", and the other safeguarding
the traditional values).

Ghantasala was closely associated with SObhanaachala in early years.
C. Krishnaveni has the credit of introducing* 2 great MDs to Telugu
Ghantasala in "manadESam" (this film was started way back in 1946, but
'd be released only in 1949. So, G got "manadESam" assignment before
keelugurram!!) and Ramesh Naidu in "daampatyam" (1957).

> *ring: ANR,
check TFServer

> 12.  kAdu sumA kalakAdu sumA (gA: ghanTasAla, vakkalanka saraLa)
> (ra: tApi dharmA rAvu)

We already talked, how popular the above song those days was. so I am
going to write again. BTW, saraLa has the distinction of being 1st
play-back singer. Another interesting point is that Taapi was the
lyricist for
a SObhanaachala production (explaining it would need lengthy intro. to
person Tapi Dharmarao. On this some other time, some where else!).


P.S. * Though G composed a few songs for bharaNi's "ratnamaala" (1947)
             and pratibha's "baalaraaju" (1948) he wasn't THE MD for
those films,
             but CR Subburaman got that credit.

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