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Suryam (
Mon, 1 Sep 1997 17:15:36 +0530

Can anyone tell me if there's any problem with the list ...

I don't see any activity for the past 10 days ????????

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>> Rama Kavirayani wrote:
>> 'manasulOni kOrika telupu neevu...' sung by PB Sreenivas, PS
>> May be we can include this!!!!
>> Bhaskar V. Rayavaram wrote:
>> "hailO hailessA hamsa kadara nA paDava
>Sri Rajasekhar is including only the songs, verses/padyAlu sung by G. 
>Please keep in mind that this is ghanTasAla abhimAna sangham. It is very 
>difficult to include all the songs, verses/padyAlu in a movie 
>irrespective of the singer. On the other hand, I would like to request 
>Sri Rajasekhar to include all the songs, verses in which G has rendered 
>music (There are apporximately 100 movies). Otherwise, we may not know 
>G's works as a music director in the movies like lavakusa, rahasyam, 
>chiranjIvulu etc, etc. 
>So, please point out only if Sri Rajasekhar forgets to include any song 
>or verse sung by G in a movie where G is not the music director.
>Thank you for your co-operation. Once again, Rajasekhar gAru, please keep 
>up the good work.
>P.S:- If you have any questions related to old movies and not related to G, 
>please send a personal mail to me. I'll try to answer. If I do not know, 
>then may be I can suggest someone who can answer it.